Friday, May 29, 2020
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None surgical treatment

Duel technology none surgical face lift

Painless and relaxing treatment

The treatment uses Deep Oscilation massage, this increases blood flow to the muscles of the face, plums up the skin, improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

£25 for 30 mins

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A combination of Deep Oscillation massage and a massage with a blend heat generating essential oils will positively affect all cellular and molecular mechanisms of cellulite. 
It improves blood and lymph flow in the deep skin and subcutaneous layers, diminishes inflammation, oedema and skin elasticity is increased.
This provides effective treatment of cellulite in most women.

£30 for 30 mins

What is cellulite

Bust lift

A Deep Oscillation massage to the pectoral muscles will lift the bust by increasing blood flow and plumping up the muscles.

The same results can be achieved in the gym with bench pressing.

£15 for 15 mins






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