Friday, May 29, 2020
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Electrical Therapy

There are a number of different types of electrical therapies available and there are some with very little effect, so I will only comment on the ones that have a proven track record and have measurable results.

Infra-red heat lamp

How it works

altThe frequency of the light allows light to penetrate the skin and into the body thus warming from the inside. This warming effect then increases the blood supply to the area which speeds up the natural healing process.

The main benefits are the relief of pain, it helps the muscles to relax and calm the nerves attached to the muscles. When an injury occurs the surrounding muscles often spasm in an effort to protect the area, but this then causes further discomfort if they do not then relax. For this reason infra-red can be used prior to massage to promote relaxation and reduce discomfort.  

Things to remember
Protect the eyes as infra-red may cause eye problems
Be careful not to burn the skin – it should feel warm not hot
Don’t treat the following areas – inflammation, varicose veins, oily skin, boils



altThis is a very common tool used all over the world but should only be used by qualified therapists as it can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

How it works

An electrically stimulated crystal in a hand held treatment head emits sound waves that have a massage effect on a cellular level. This is similar to an ordinary massage but happening at a million times a second (you would need fast hands to beat that) plus there is the added benefit of being painless, and so can be used when the area is to painful for massage.

 Ultra-sound increases blood circulation in the area being treated and is very useful for the treatment of damaged ligamenst, scar tissue, deep muscles where it is difficult to massage by hand and can also breakdown crystals built up in arthritis sufferers.        


Deep Oscillation


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