Friday, May 29, 2020
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Quads strains

Pain is usually felt in the cenalttre of the muscle and will be painful to touch or if stretched. If the injury is severe there may be bruising at the site of the injury or lower down near the knee. 

This injury can be cause by the foot being blocked while kicking a ball.

The centre of the muscle is the usual site for injury but depending on how the injury is caused it can be anywhere on the muscle. 


R.I.C.E. is very important, with the size of the muscle as it can bleed a lot and take a long time to recover if care is not taken. If there is bruising a tube-grip bandage should be worn but ensure it is removed at night. Deep oscillation massage will remove the swelling and damage without over treating the injury.

Care has to be taken when undertaking treatment as over treating a bad injury may cause ossification (formation of bone) at the injury site. Ossification is caused when your body thinks a bone is broken it will send calcium to the area the start repairs, but without a broken bone to repair the excess calcium can form bone within the muscle. This can be broken down with Ultra-sound and massage.  

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