Friday, May 29, 2020
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Shoulder pain

There are many types shoulder injuries; there is a list below with the symptoms and treatments


shoulder joint

Acromioclavicular joint

Pain on the top of the shoulder felt when pressed, also pain when the arm is bent across the chest. There can also be a lump on top of the shoulder.

Sub-deltoid Bursa

Pain as above but when the arm is raised from the side up to shoulder height

Subacromial Bursa or synovial membrane

Pain within the shoulder when the arm is raised from the side up to vertical; pain is felt during the last few degrees of movement.

Painful Arc

When raising the arm from the side up to vertical, pain can be felt towards the centre of the movement

Treatment for all these problem

Deep oscillation or Ultra-sound and massage

Shoulder dislocation

The shoulder has a different shape to the undamaged one, may be very painful and difficult to move. It will be the result of trauma such as impact or a fall.


Hold the arm in a comfortable position and send to the hospital for medical assistance. Ultrasound and massage can help repair the soft tissue damage after the swelling has reduced if advised by the doctor.

Frozen shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis is the medical term for this over diagnosed complaint, and is caused by the tissues surrounding the shoulder joint becoming inflamed, they then harden and become attached to surrounding tissues which prevents movement and pain. Pain is often worse during the night and during cold and damp winter months. 


Ultra-sound and friction massage or deep oscillation will help speed up recovery but there is no quick fix for this problem
Ice packs during the early stages of this complaint can reduce the pain and inflammation; then when the pain has reduced, contrast baths (hot then cold packs) this will improve circulation.
Rest the affected shoulder during the early stages but do not cradle the arm, just allow the arm to hang loose by your side. 
Lying in bed on the unaffected side with a pillow lying between the waist and arm will help retrain the shoulder.

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