Friday, May 29, 2020
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Stress fracture

altA stress fracture to the foot usually affects the fourth or fifth metatarsal in the area marked. A stress fracture is usually a result of repeated load over a long period. Running on a hard surface with poor footwear can make the problem more likely. 

Having suffered a couple of stress fractures myself I can tell you the pain is an unusual one, I could feel the fractured bone as it opened up when walking but there had been no trauma that could have caused the damage.


The most important thing is rest, stop running, playing football or whatever you do.
Contrast baths (soak the foot in hot water then very cold) doing this often can speed up recovery by increasing the blood flow to the area.
I found that fixing the foot along the fracture area with tape to prevent movement ensured I did not aggravate the problem – this should only be done by a professional as you do not want to cut off the circulation to the foot.      

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