Friday, May 29, 2020
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Heel pain

 Plantar fasciitis


alt This is inflammation of the plantar ligament on the bottom of the foot, the pain is usually felt towards the heel and it will feel like walking on a bruise.

This problem is unlikely to go away on its own unless you plan to give up walking for a few weeks as walking will aggravate the problem.


Deep oscillation or Ultra-sound will help remove the inflammation but to keep the problem from returning shock absorbent insoles will be needed to protect the ligament from further inflammation


Heel spur

You can have a heel spur along with plantar fasciitis. 

A heel spur usually results from poor footwear and hard surfaces and will be felt under the heel. Older athletes are more prone to this problem so if you are competing after your sell buy date it is important to look after your feet by using good footwear and insoles  


As for plantar fascitis but is this does not remove the problem cortisone injections or surgical treatment may be the only option.

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