Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Groin Injury


Groin strain – this covers injuries to a number of muscles in the area of the groin all marked with dots on the 2 pictures. A bad groin strain can see you out for at least 6 weeks without treatment and after that period it will always be a weak area, unless strengthening exercises are done correctly to remove the imbalance.


Deep oscillation is a painless way of treating the problem. 


Faradic massage can be used to work the muscle without the risk a further damage, damage may occur if you begin full training before you are fully healed. A good exercise to try when the groin injury is fully healed; sit on the floor with your leg stretched out and place a football between the knees, then squeeze and hold for 10 seconds. Next - bend your knees slightly and squeeze again. Repeat this at 4 different degrees of bend 4 times daily until the strength returns to pre injury levels.   


R.I.C.E. is very important when a you have a groin strain but it also important not to use ice sprays in order to keep a player on the pitch as this will result in the injury becoming much worse, and the recovery period being greater. Compression using a tubigrip can help to limit damage by giving a little support but the best way to limit the damage is to rest.         

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