Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Cruciate Knee Ligaments

 The knee has 2 ligaments that create stability to the knee the ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) and the smaller PML (posterior moniscofemeral ligament) that anchors the lateral meniscus to the femur

altIf the cruciate ligaments are damanged  you will feel general pain to the knee, which will feel worse when climbing stairs.

If the ligament is badly damaged the knee may also be unstable and in extreme cased the ligament becomes detached and will require surgery to re-attach or re-build using a piece of the hamstring. These cases must be refered for specialist diagnosis


R.I.C.E. is very important, when the knee swells the pain increases and walking will be difficult due to the swelling within the joint.


Once the swelling has been reduced work can begin to improve the stength of the ligaments and surounding muscles with excersize 

                              Rear of knee










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