Friday, May 29, 2020
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Hamstring strain refealtrs to injury to the Biceps femoris, Semimembranosus and the Semitendinosus.

Pain is usually felt in the centre of the muscle and will be painful to touch or if stretched. If the injury is severe there may be bruising at the site of the injury or lower down near the knee.

The main cause of this problem is poor warm up before exercise.

Also you may suffer from lower back and buttock pain.


R.I.C.E. is very important, with the size of the muscle as it can bleed a lot and take a long time to recover if care is not taken. If there is bruising a tube-grip bandage should be worn but ensure it is removed at night. 

If the muscle is torn following R.I.C.Edeep oscillation or after 48 hours ultra-sound and deep tissue massage can be used, massage will open the muscle fibres and allow them to heal without the tear. Without the treatment the muscle will grow over the tear and will always be a weak area.      

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