Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Lower leg stress fracture

altStress fractures normally occur to the tibia as a result of over exercising.
This can be a due to a change in training schedule that is increased to quickly, not allowing the bones time to adjust to the extra stresses put upon them.    
Other causes include running on hard surfaces (road running) without correct shock absorbent footwear, if you are doing a lot of running proper running shoes are a must. Also a poor running technique or style can contribute to the problem buy  increasing the shock load to the tibia, or force to the outside when the runner has bow legs.


The most important treatment is rest; if you do not rest the fracture will get worse and may require a plaster cast and much longer away from training.  Failing to follow this advice may also result in the fracture healing in the wrong position and the leg never recovering without surgery.
After a 2 week period of rest ultra-sound treatment can begin also faradic treatment will help maintain the muscles and speed up the healing process.
After 4 weeks if the patient is responding to treatment gentle exercise can begin and running style can be corrected if it’s a problem. During this period avoid running on hard surfaces, a synthetic running track is an ideal place to make return to your training.   


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