Friday, May 29, 2020
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Buttock bursa

This is an over use injury that can be caused by incorrect footwear and hard running surfaces


Deep oscillation or massage to buttocks and hamstrings.


Upper back

Damage to upper back muscles and ligaments can be very painful when bending or even breathing, other symptoms may include numbness to hands if nerves are trapped.


It is important to rest this type of injury to prevent more damage, deep oscillation or massage will reduce the pain and speed up the recovery 


Shoulder blade

It is possible to have an injury to the muscles beneath the shoulder blade, this may be just tension in the muscle or a grating feeling caused by overuse


To access this area to give massage, the back of the hand is placed in the small of the back, this opens up the shoulder blade


Kidney pain

If you suffer a blow to the kidney area ice pack will reduce swelling and pain, if blood apperars in the urine seek medical help at your nearest A & E.


Coccyx or tail bone pain

This will usually be the result of a fall onto your bottom or sitting down quickly onto a hard surface


Deep oscillation or ultra-sound will help speed up recovery, also avoid sitting on hard surfaces


Lower back pain

Lower back pain may result from incorect lifting of heavy objects, a blow or weak abdominal muscles and may result in Sciatica (see below)


Deep oscillation will soon remove any problems in this area unless it is a disc problem, but for long term sufferers improving the abdominal and back muscles is the only way to reduce the risk of it coming back 

Sciatica - click here to access sciatica info


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