Friday, May 29, 2020
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Head and Neck


 Muscular strain

This can occur following an impact while playing a contact sport, or simply from sitting at your pc to long in the wrong position. If the injury is from an impact and there is any dizziness, loss of mobility or tingling in the arms or legs the patient should be immobilised and an ambulance called. This may seem a little extreme but it could be the difference between playing again in a few weeks and never playing again.
Tight muscles in the neck and shoulders can also cause extreme headaches or migraines


If the injury is just muscular Deep oscillation will have it back to normal very quickly

Disc or facet joint

Symptoms include restricted neck movement, referred pain into arm, hand or back. This can be caused by the neck being twisted when involved in a violent sport such as Rugby or martial arts. It can also be caused sleeping in an unnatural position or following a muscle spasm.


If the neck has been twisted as mentioned above then a visit to the hospital to ensure no serious damage has happened is needed.
If the hospital do not find any serious problems or the injury has not occurred due to violent act then Deep oscillation or massage to the neck and shoulder will help the muscles relax and the pain subside.  


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