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50o, g, 5, 9z, 1, t, 1p, w, oe, 6, h6, x, 3, 1, enm, oqy, f, Injury locator
Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Injury locator

Page under contruction alt  where information is available the injury will be in green - just click on it

Head and neck

Muscular strain

Disc facet joint

Blow to head - if someone receives a blow to the head and is knocked unconsious even for a few seconds they must stop play, go to the A & E for an assessment and not play for at least 2 weeks, this is a minimum so if the doctor says longer follow the advice.  



AC joint (Acromioclavicular)

Sub - deltoid bursa

Paiful arc

Frozen shoulder  



Pectoral strain - caused by pushing heavy objects away from the body, or large breast pulling down on the muscle

Sterno costal joint pain - pain over ribs

Sturno clavical joint pain - pain at the side of the sternum





Buttock bursa

Upper back

Shoulder blade

Kidney pain

Coccyx or tail bone pain

Lower back




Hamstring strain

Quad strain

Calf strain

Shin splints

Achilles tendon

Stress fracture

Groin strain



Ligament damage (inside) medial and (outside) lateral

Ligament damage (behind knee) cruciate

Osgood schlatters - pain just below knee



Stress fracture

Heel pain



Ligament strain






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