Sunday, July 12, 2020
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When massage is not an option

1. Within 48hrs of an injury – see first aid R.I.C.E.  This is to allow time for any internal bleeding and swelling to stop.

2. Undiagnosed pain – if you have sudden onset of pain without a cause contact your GP.

3. Lumps and inflammation – if you have a lump or inflammation without trauma (bashing it on something)  contact your GP there is a good chance it could be a fatty lump but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

4. Septic foot or skin infections – any massage done in this area may spread the infection and make it worse. See your GP first to clear infections before receiving sports therapy.

5. Cardio-vascular problems – such as Thrombosis, Angina, Hypertension and varicose veins all these problems can be aggravated with massage and may even cause death.

6. Open wounds – this is an obvious contra-indication as it would be very painful, messy and may introduce infection.

7. Cancer sufferers – as massage may help spread the cancer cells throughout the body. Patients in remission may receive massage treatment following medical approval.

8. Haemophilia sufferers – as deep tissue massage may cause internal bleeding. 

9. If the therapist does not know what the problem is or the problem is not improving with treatment.

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