Sunday, July 12, 2020
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The combination of massage,manipulation and physio under one roof has meant that I have not only recovered quicker from my long term ankle injury, but have learnt exercises to strengthen it.
Neil is an easy going, genuine guy, who makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease when on his treatment table.


OOH Lincoln Ladies


Had 3 great sessions with Neil on my sore hamstring. Neil helps you relax into the sessions with ease, with his friendly and relaxed manor. he puts you through your paces in the session, but also gives you excersises to help heal your problem quickly while you carry on your everyday life.

Richard Badger
Masons Arms Wellgate


I had 10 expensive sessions with a Physio for an ankle problem without improvement, I had one session with Neil and he fixed me.




I used to go to the pain clinic for a back problem but now I just phone Neil, and he sorts me out quickly, and I don't have to wait months for an oppointment.



Deep oscillaition testimonials

I Would highly recommend this, my son has gone from being in agony, limping and on a worrying amount of pain killers to totally pain free after one treatment. Thanks Neil
Paulette B – Sheffield (Son has Osgood Schlatters disease)

This treatment is actually magical!!
Caroline W – Sheffield (trapped nerve in back)  

I called Neil direct from the accident and emergency where I was in agony with my back and only being offered pain killers. Neil fitted me in immediately and after one treatment with a deep oscillation machine I went straight back to work and was almost pain free. I had one more treatment a couple of days later and all my pain had gone.
Emma L - Sheffield

I have been off work for the past four months with a back injury,I went to my GP who examined me and put me on tablets and said it should settle down in 3-4 weeks. As I was still in pain I went back to my GP and he said that I needed some physio,I had 6 sessions all to no avail. I was then sent for an MRI scan at the hospital. My doctor got the MRI results and then sent me to a spinal specialist,by this time I had to buy a pair of crutches as the pain was so intense I couldn't walk properly. I waited 8weeks to see the spinal specialist, I was in the room for an hour and his finally words to me was I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. I went straight back to my GP and told him what he had said, and then said I wanted something doing about it now. I was given NRS SPORTS THERAPY'S number to which I called on Thursday(11/04/2013). Neil answered the phone, I told Neil my symptoms and I was booked in for treatment on Friday(12/04/2013). I was made very welcome on arrival. I had a one session of massage with the latest technology equipment and was told by Neil he would fix me in ONE treatment. I first though no way after being in pain for 4 months,but true to his word after One session I got up off the table and was pain free and walking again without crutches. I cannot thank NEIL enough for what he has done for me and I highly recommend giving NEIL a call if you are suffering with pain. Thanks to NEIL I now have my life back and intend making the most of it. THANK YOU NEIL.
Paul. Chesterfield.

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